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Isshinryu Karate Academy

Sensei Neal Scoratow

Sensei Neal Scoratow

Sensei Scoratow began his training in Isshinryu Karate at the Academy of Isshinryu Karate under Hanshi William H. Duessel, and Hanshi Charles A. Wallace in 1972. He continued to develop his skills for the next three years and in 1975, he chose to take a temporary hiatus from the Academy to pursue academic responsibilities.

In 1986 he resumed his training by starting over again as a white belt and on July 12, 1990 he was promoted to the rank of Sho Dan by Hanshi William H. Duessel.

A veteran of over 40 years of Isshinryu experience, Sensei Scoratow has progressed to the rank of Yon Dan as he has been one of the most consistent and valued members of the dojo during that time. Additionally, Sensei Scoratow is one of the founding instructors of the Isshinryu Karate Academy of Pittsburgh in Greentree where he continues to teach classes on Wednesday evenings.

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