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Isshinryu Karate Academy

Sensei Marty Dugan

Renshi Marty Dugan

At the age of 22 through the recommendation of a friend, Renshi Marty Dugan was introduced to Hanshi William H. Duessel and began training in Isshinryu Karate. Through the years he has been a loyal follower of Hanshi William H. Duessel, a man who he was proud to call teacher, mentor, and a true friend.

As his relationship with Hanshi Duessel evolved, Renshi Dugan soon realized that he was training under the watchful eye of a true master of Isshinryu Karate, an enlightened man who embodied all of the best martial principles. Over the past 30 years, Renshi Dugan has been hooked on Isshinryu Karate; much of his passion for the art was developed through his relationship with Hanshi Duessel. Additionally, Renshi Dugan is a member of the Isshinryu World Karate Association and he has attained the rank of Roku Dan, 6th degree black belt. All his black belt promotions were attained through Hanshi William H. Duessel.

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