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Kyoshi Marvin Prentice

Kyoshi Marvin Prentice

Kyoshi Marvin (Marty) Prentice began Isshinryu Karate training while in the U.S. Marine Corps in June of 1972 under Chief Instructor Russell Best at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. During this time he received exemplary instruction from Master Best until his release from the Marines in November 1974. His training with Master Best culminated in Kyoshi Prentice being promoted to the rank of ich kyu (1st Degree Brown Belt).

Prior to his release from the Marines Kyoshi Prentice trained intermittently at the Academy Isshinryu Karate (AIK) of Pittsburgh under Chief Instructor William H. Duessel and Assistant Chief Instructor Charles A. Wallace when on leave, and he formally joined the AIK in November of 1974 upon discharge from active duty. Kyoshi Prentice was promoted to the rank of Sho-Dan as a member of the Isshinryu World Karate Association (IWKA) in December of 1975 and he has continued his training under Hanshi William H. Duessel, 10th Dan ever since. Kyoshi Prentice is the acting president of the Isshinryu Karate Academy of Pittsburgh and he is currently a Hachi-Dan (8th Degree Black Belt), a rank he received from Hanshi William H. Duessel in March of 2008.

Kyoshi Prentice has participated in many IWKA World Championships as well as other events while training in the martial arts for over 41 years. Listed below are a few of his selected competitive/noteworthy accomplishments:

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